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The Battle of Helm’s Deep already has its own official LEGO version, but the licensed set has nothing on this mind blowing set built by Lord of the Rings fans Rich-K and Big J.

As where the official LEGO version features 1,368 pieces, this custom job utilizes over 150,000 LEGO building blocks to recreate the classic scene from J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic film. In addition to the staggering number of bricks used for the installation, Helm’s Deep also includes 1,700 minifgures.

There has to be a legless Lego Legolass in there somewhere


The latest in my series of catpuns is now available on Redbubble!*

What will I turn into a dumb cat joke next?

*(Bonus Gollum-cat not included on shirt at the moment. I couldn’t get his placement right.)

“For death and glory. For Rohan. For your people.”

LOTR + faceless

“I’m glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things.”


Lord of the Rings characters as the twelve common character archetypesInspired by this.

The Shire

And Rivendell 

And Moria 

And Rohan 

And Fangorn 

And Gondor 

And anywhere else


I can’t decide D:

What about whole Middle-Earth?

Again, I’d say Sam. Most Ringers knows about him, but an average person, who likes LotR (but is not a fan), thinks he is dumb and lame. I want to punch those people in the face Ò_Ó